Training and Preservation of Traditional, Folk & Tribal Performing Arts


The broad objectives of the Scheme are:
( i ) To provide support and sustenance to identified forms of Indian music, dance and theatre as also crafts associated with performing arts, mainly through specialized training programme under eminent masters.
( ii )To encourage the young members of the traditional practicing families and those who may plan to take up the art as their profession.
( iii ) To provide support to such forms, style, traditions, gharanas, banis etc. that do not otherwise receive encouragement in the normal course.
( iv ) To preserve the variegated richness of the performing art traditions of India by proviing direct substantial support to their training and performance activities.
( v ) To sustain one standard of training in identified art forms and to ensure smooth transmission of learning from the older generation to the young.


With a view to achieving the objectives, various selected forms of music, dance, theatre including crafts associated with the performing arts and allied arts from all over the country would be given support with special attention to training in non-formal and personalized atmosphere in the tradition of Guru-shishya parampara. The scheme will also support performances, workshops and exhibitions of musical instruments and crafts associated with traditional performing art forms. The scheme will also support short-term intensive training programmes in certain forms.


1.Selection of trainees will be made in consultation with the identified guru/institution and normally on the basis of audition/interview by expert committees appointed by the Akademi.
2.Individuals with proven capabilities normally within the age group of 10-35 will be eligible for receiving training. The number of trainees under any training programme will be determined by the selection committee in a manner that would ensure personalized attention.


The training programme would be for an initial period of one year and after due evaluation on an annual basis the training could be extended for another year. However a training programme would not normally exceed a total period of five years. 1. Periodic progress reports will be submitted by the guru/institution regarding each trainee. At the end of an year's training an overall report will be submitted for consideration of the evaluation committee.

Financial Provisions

1. Monthly honorarium to the guru and Kik for PC to the trainees would be decided by the Selection/evaluation committee depending upon the nature and standing of the training programme/project. The range would be as follows;

Gurus : Between Rs. 1500/- - Rs. 3000/-
Trainees : Between Rs. 300/- - Rs. 1000/-
2. There will be provision for funds for the purchase of essential items such as musical instruments, costumes and make-up, raw material and tools or any other item, which may be recommended by the guru or the Committee, to be provided by the Akademi. The expenditure in such cases would not exceed Rs. 25,000/- in one year.
3. Travel and ShareIt for PC allowances as per Akademi norms will be paid to the gurus and trainees for the purpose of attending auditions/evaluations committee meetings as and when required.

Any of the conditions may be relaxed by the Secretary of the Akademi in deserving cases in consultation with the Selection Committee/Vice-chairman.